Former 400+

Top Features

  • Available Build Sizes 

  • 400x400x500mm

  • 400x400x700mm                   

  • Independent Dual Extruder(IDEX)                            

  • Industrial Linear Guide

  • TBI Ball Screw

  • Quick-replaceable Hotend

  • UBL Auto Bed Leveling

  • Extruder Wiping System                      

  • Customized Print Bed

  • Dual Zone Heating Plate                                  

  • High- temp.Extruder                                     

  • Laser Engraver(Optional)

  • Enclosure- Full Glass (Optional)

Detailed Specifications

1) Super Large Size

The Rio Former comes with larger print size of 400x400x500/700 which can fulfill massive object requirements easily.

You can place many of different size object at time.

2) Independent Dual Extruder

With use of two extruders multi colour or multi material objects can be formed.


It consist of two independent hot end which can move separately from each other. When one extruder is inactive it moves to the side so that it will not drip filament on printing object.

We can use water soluble support material  so that we can easily remove supports by dissolving in water.


3) Duplicate Mode

With this printer you can print two same objects simultaneously, so that you save lot of time. 

4) Quick Replaceable nozzles

Easily replace your hot end nozzle with different sizes of nozzle like, for greater finishing you can go for 0.25mm nozzle or for fast printing you can use 1mm nozzle.

5)  Industrial Linear guides + Ball Screw

Compared to ordinary guide system industrial guide provides higher linear precession. Compared to ordinary lead screw, ball screw eliminate clearance, better for auto leveling. So they can provide more smooth surface, higher printing accuracy and longer service life.

6) Most Advance Bed leveling with Bl touch

The bed leveling probe collect 225 point information and stored it in his system so that it is more accurate than ordinary mesh leveling.


Also you need to do for once before first printing.

7) High Temperature Nozzle

The hot end Temperature can reach exactly 350c So it will easily support industrial grade material like Carbon fiber, Nylon, PEEK and so on high temp materials.

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