Rio Smart Maker +

Technical Specification

  • Print Speed:40-120mm/s

  • type: FDM 3d printer

  • layer resolution- 0.02

  • Available build sizes

  • (L*W*H):230*225*360mm

  • 230*225*300mm

  • 230*225*200mm

  • Layer thickness:0.05-0.4mm

  • xy axis position accuracy- 0.0125mm

  • z axis position accuracy- 0.005mm

  • precision:0.05-0.2mm

  • filament:1.75mm PLA/ABS/HIPS 

  • Nozzle Temperature- 60-260c

  • Heated Bed Temperature- 20-110c

  • power 100V-220V AC input 221 watt max 

  • filament specification- 1.75 mm

  • voltage:100-220V AC

  • connectivity- standalone SD card or USB online 


Software Bundle- Cura, Slicer

File Type- .STL, .OBJ

Supports- Windows



Size- 360x360x550 mm

Weight- 16 Kg



100V-220V AC Input, 221, watt max.



Structural Material- Aluminum Alloy Matrix Composition


New Features-

Swappable Nozzle-

Easily Switch  between 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm for greater details

or fast printing.

Optimized air flow smoother print

Olsson Block with 4 Nozzle set

With olsson block you can change nozzles very easily.

Printing Videos

Printed Models 

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